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How is your organization adapting to the growth and impact of cannabis medicinal treatments, healthcare services, consumer demand, and regulations? 

Big changes around cannabis are taking place in senior-living and eldercare. That’s because the evidence-based, therapeutic use of cannabis is effective in addressing neurodegenerative disease symptoms—often more safely and less costly than synthetic pharmaceutical products.

Eldercare providers, we want you to stay ahead of the curve when residents, clients, and families ask about your cannabis policies and your knowledge of successful and safe cannabis use by elders and care teams.

The most engaged dementia-service providers work to constantly update themselves with the latest research so that they can help residents and their families manage dementia’s progress and impact.
— Sarah Lai Stirland, “Untangling the Mysteries of the Brain” Senior Living Executive, January–February, 2019


  • Support organizational leaders in building a culture of person-centered care

  • Engage team members with understanding of cannabis as a non-pharmacological strategy proven to reduce behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia

  • Empower clinical staff to advocate for residents’ and clients’ needs and to document outcomes

  • Learn how geriatric clinicians guide the administration of medical cannabis



Reducing Stigma: Residents’ Rights And The Medicalization Of Cannabis
Enhance team effectiveness in supporting your residents’ and clients’ safe, compliant use and management of cannabis treatments. Understand ten processes for accessing support and resources from medical and regulatory authorities that facilitate administration of medical cannabis in eldercare. 

Managing Dementia Behaviors With Cannabis Treatments
An increasing number of people who live with cognitive impairment manage symptoms using cannabis-infused products—without getting “high” and without smoking. Learn why, how, and when natural cannabis medications work to reduce agitation, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and pain.

Cannabis Meds Management
Best practices and case studies: 5 clinicians’ treatment plans; 6 ways in which products are obtained; 7 administration methods; and 8 meds documentation items to check. Review State and CCLD regulations for cannabis medication management in healthcare facilities. Learn how to interpret labeled ingredients, dosages, and lab analysis results. 

10 Tips And Techniques From Cannabis Nurses
Gain unique insights through discussion of cannabis treatment approaches now being taken by RNs, NPs, and LVNs at healthcare facilities across the U.S. Topics cover polypharmacy, dosing and titration, pain control, skincare, and hospice care.



Location: In session at your location, or offsite at our spacious event facility

Duration: Each workshop runs 45 minutes plus 15 minutes for Q&A

Pricing per workshop:
Up to 5 participants: $249
6–15 participants: $349

Ask about reduced pricing for 2 or more workshops, or invite us to present a training designed specifically for your community or team. Each participant receives a resource packet containing slide notes and checklists. No consumption, sales, or distribution of cannabis will occur.

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professional eldercare providers