Mission, vision, and approach


Our mission

We believe that aging should be a comforting positive experience, filled with joy, security, and comfort. We strive to fundamentally change the way cannabis is viewed, understood, and administered in later stages of life and illness.

Our vision

To improving quality of life for people going through all stages of dementia, by increasing understanding of the role medical cannabis can play as a viable alternative to prescription medications.

Our approach

By working with older adults, families, and residential-care providers, we have developed a four-part approach to fulfill our mission:

  1. Families and caregivers need education so they feel safe and comfortable using medical cannabis.

  2. People who wish to use medical cannabis need access to quality products that are consistently tested, dosed, convenient, and affordable.

  3. Easy payment and delivery systems make medical cannabis consistently accessible to clients, families, and caregivers.

  4. Those administering medical cannabis need a reliable way to track and share outcomes with family and doctors.

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