KasanaTracker mobile app for cannabis management


As many older adults take three or more medications each day, tracking and journaling medicinal cannabis treatments is an invaluable practice.

Scheduled for release in Spring 2019, this easy-to-use app is designed for professional care providers, family caregivers, and individuals.

Tracking and journaling help you optimize treatment, communicate with various healthcare providers and pharmacists, and reduce the risk of drug interactions.

You’ll be able to use the KasanaTracker to:

  • Document formulation, dosage, time, and outcomes.

  • Receive alerts for potential interactions with other meds.

  • Comply with legal regulations and industry best practices.

  • Track an unlimited quantity of treatments and individuals.

For tips on medication management for older adults, click here.

We welcome you to join the KasanaTracker Testing Team. We’d love to hear from adults, anywhere in the U.S., who enjoy using apps for wellness and productivity. Please contact us to join our pre-release trial.