The cannabis plant contains many compounds, including more than 100 cannabinoids. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) are the most dominant and well-known cannabinoids.

Researchers have found that CBD and THC mimic compounds that we make in our own body and stimulate our receptors to balance our physiology.

In healthcare, THC offers pain relief, calming, and appetite stimulation. Its ability to mitigate glaucoma, epilepsy, and other disorders has been confirmed. Oh, and it also gets people high.

The compound CBD has no psychoactive effect. It even counters some of THC’s effects (for example, CBD suppresses appetite). Researchers at renowned medical institutions consider CBD a potentially powerful tool to treat many illnesses, particularly neurodegenerative disease, and symptoms, including nausea, pain, and insomnia.

The type of cannabis plant known as hemp contains CBD but nearly no THC. Products containing CBD extracted from hemp are legal in the U.S. Products that contain THC along with CBD are legal on a state-by-state basis.

To learn more about CBD, see ProjectCBD.


my dad is not able to smoke; how would he use cannabis?

Medicinal cannabis products are available in formulations that don’t require inhaling hot smoke. Depending on your father’s needs and preferences, he can try: cannabis-infused chocolate or other foods and beverages; tinctures administered orally with droppers; and salves, lotions, and patches applied to the skin.


how do I know what type and how much cannabis to use?

Standardized dosing and administration are vital for safe, effective use of medicinal cannabis, especially for older adults currently on pharmaceutical meds. That’s why people must consult with a clinician who has expertise in cannabis and geriatrics.

If your healthcare provider—like most physicians these days—is uncomfortable discussing cannabis, KasanaCare can refer you to an excellent physician, nurse practitioner, or registered nurse in your area or available for online, web-video consultation.

Quality medicinal cannabis products are clearly labeled with dosing information to help you follow your clinician’s instructions.

To learn more about dosing, read this article by a world-renown cannabis clinician.


i can’t drive to a dispensary, so how do i buy cannabis?

California’s cannabis regulator, the Bureau of Cannabis Control, has ruled that legal cannabis deliveries can be made to any municipality throughout the state.

Many cannabis retailers offer delivery services; you can access their product listings on their website or app to see if they have what you need, and place your order. Some deliver same-day. Others offer next-day or two-day delivery. Licensed delivery services must follow three pages of state regulations and rules on time, place, and manner of delivery. And they don’t expect a tip, but they do appreciate hearing what products work best for you!

KasanaCare makes it really easy for you. We’re here to help you learn about, find, and manage the therapeutic cannabis to facilitate greater comfort for the people you care for—or to enhance your own wellness.

When you want expert guidance as you evaluate and choose a medication and delivery service, just call, text, or email us any time.


how can you tell if a cannabis product contains pesticides or something nasty?

California law requires cannabis products to pass an array of lab tests before being approved for consumer distribution, such as validating that THC is evenly distributed in edibles, checking for mold, and confirming that the potency of a product is accurately labeled.

Many California cannabis growers and product makers pride themselves on the quality of their work and the love and attention they put into it. They also strive for organic and regenerative farming techniques, sustainability and energy efficiency.

KasanaCare only works with local craft farmers and production partners who can tell us the entire life story of the plant—including phenotype, cultivar, and terroir—and the ways in which they extract its rich compounds and formulate the resulting medicines.


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