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When you need to make an informed decision about non-pharmacological ways to reduce or prevent symptoms of cognitive impairment—KasanaCare offers expert resources and support.

Scientists worldwide have researched and reported the neurological benefits of cannabis. They have shown that proper use of medical cannabis can protect against excessive oxidative stress and inflammation caused by Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, multiple sclerosis, and neuropathic pain.

Psychiatric and mood-related symptoms—agitation, depression, aggression, and insomnia—also are being studied and treated successfully with cannabis.

Meanwhile, family caregivers are saying cannabis works to alleviate dementia symptoms.

We also can connect you with geriatric healthcare providers throughout California who practice cannabinoid medicine.

Use of medical cannabis to treat symptoms must be tailored to each person’s needs. Your clinician’s recommended dosages and administration will depend upon many factors, including health issues and use of prescription and over-the-counter medicines.

Cognitive impairment in older adults could be caused by one or more of many reasons.

In some cases, underlying health issues can cause a decline in mental functions, which may not develop into a dementia disorder.

Always consult with your healthcare provider to diagnose and treat health problems.

The U.S. government has a patent on cannabis compounds as antioxidants and neuroprotectants, issued October 7, 2003. In this patent, the federal government shows proof that cannabidiol (CBD) and THC both decrease the size of a stroke by 50%. Currently no other medicine decreases stroke by even as much as 2%.
— U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Families & Individuals