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Big changes around the use of cannabis are taking place in the world of senior-living and eldercare. Don’t let outdated attitudes and stereotypes affect your success in serving “senior citizens.”  

KasanaCare’s workshop is designed to enhance the quality and productivity of your team’s interactions with the growing market of older cannabis consumers.

If loyal customers in their 50s and older are of significant value to your business—empower your staff!

Our workshops are designed for:

  • Budtenders

  • Dispensary agents

  • Delivery specialists 

  • Patient liaisons

  • Personnel managers

Learn the fundamental differences of consumers at these widely varying life stages, so you can best support your older customers in their search for the ideal cultivars and formulations to improve or maintain brain health and manage symptoms. 

Many older medical users and their caregivers choose cannabis products to treat specific age-related conditions, requiring a higher level of customer service. Help your team understand which types of formulations are best-suited for specific symptoms, and how to discuss successful aging, drug interactions, and dosing. The cannabinoids / terpenes that work best for younger and middle-aged people may not necessarily work for older adults, even though symptoms may seem similar. We’ll help you help them more effectively.

According to a national survey, cannabis usage among adults 65 and older is up 250%. This age group is the fastest growing segment of cannabis consumers.

Workshop Topics


Learn about 10 common brain-health conditions and symptoms (ideal targets for cannabinoid therapy) unique to elders. 

Understand which types of formulations are the most appropriate options for a majority of frail elders—and which formulations are NOT appropriate.

Learn how cannabis medicine is seen and managed by eldercare and skilled nursing professionals and businesses. 

Learn how to ask the right questions to determine the needs of family caregivers who manage and administer medications for others.

Your team will gain confidence in their ability to effectively discuss relevant products and consumption methods for older adults, particularly those who require care for brain disorders. Your team will be ready and able to educate older customers about how to monitor effects so they can recommend which of your products work best for them.

Help your older patients and customers have a wonderful experience with your team!



Location: Onsite at your dispensary, or offsite at our spacious meeting facility.

Duration: 2 hours. All attendees receive resource packets about cannabis for successful aging.

Up to 5 participants: $749
6–15 participants: $1149

Our course material has been reviewed by our advisors, who have provided medical cannabis treatment for thousands of elders and older adults.

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