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When you need to implement and document compliant medical cannabis management processes, we offer you a wealth of resources:

  • Ensure up-to-date policies and organizational efficiencies.

  • Understand why and how people use cannabis as a low-cost, non-pharmacological strategy to reduce symptoms of cognitive impairment.

  • Educate community and family partners.

  • Demonstrate your person-centered care values and knowledge of scientific findings.

  • Discover local geriatric healthcare practitioners who have treated thousands of MCI and dementia patients using medical cannabis.

Our team’s mission is to enable positive aging, filled with joy, security and comfort.

That’s why we offer complementary in-session training workshops* [CEU award-approval pending] and educational presentations, both public and private.

We know you and your team are busy. That’s why we’ve designed easy-to-understand, fact-filled, fast-paced presentations that engage and inform.

Schedule yours today. We’ll call to get your details.

The addition [of cannabis]... to patients’ treatment regimens was associated with significant decreases in agitation...
— American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, April 2014
Care Providers